Monday, August 23, 2010

Free Hugs

Have you ever heard about 'Free Hugs'? Agak telat sebenernya ngebahas tentang hal ini, since it was invited by Juan Mann at 2004 and popular in 2006. I think I saw about this campaign at one of Oprah's episode back then. And I think that was a very brilliant idea that ever came to someone's mind.

The hugs are meant to be random act of kindness - selfless acts performed just to make others feel better.
Dan kenapa tiba-tiba gue pengen membahas hal ini? Sebenernya karena habis blog-walking dan nemu foto 'Free Hugs'. Free Hugs ini pun udah pernah diadain di Chile, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Sydney and many more. Pengen deh rasanya ngadain di Jakarta (setau gue belom ada) semoga aja ga langsung ditimpukin FPI, hehe.
Because I do think that hug is the most powerful remedy of a broken heart and other sad feelings, don't you think? The comfort hug from your mother, the warm hug from a very-bestfriend, the passionate hug from a lover, aren't that's why we still live in this cruel world? Realizing that after all the pain, maybe all you need is just a hug to tell you;
'everything will be just fine'
Asal jangan di salah gunakan aja ya, since the point of the campaign is to show the world that real love does exist, something that doesn't cost you at all. And comfort doesn't always have to come from your loved one, but also from someone you barely know (in this campaign), it's all about good motives, don't you think?
Enuff said, maybe I'll go to 'Bundaran HI' and start this campaign someday. Hopefully I won't shoot by the police officers. Cheers, people. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She & Him

Okay, this is one of my favorite duet, She & Him.
This duet combined two unique people that finally made a great music, Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward. One of my favorite song is, 'Why Do You Let Me Stay" and I love the video (the one with Zooey and Joseph Gordon Levitt) so much! Well, now let me share you their story. I took this from here.

She & Him make music for an eternal springtime, when the temperature is warm enough to go riding with the top (or at least the windows) rolled down and the radio turned up. They occupy an alternate universe where the saddest of songs feel as warm as sun showers; the rain may be coming down, but somewhere nearby, everything looks bright. What began as a fascinating, no-strings attached collaboration on 2008’s Volume One has evolved into a bona fide, touring band, and She & Him are here to stay. Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward are as comfortable and complementary a musical pair as Les Paul and Mary Ford; hearing them again on Volume Two feels like getting together with two old friends. This time, the harmonies have grown more angelically layered, the string arrangements more dramatic, the songwriting even sharper and more confident. But, as with Volume One, the prevailing mood is bittersweet, dreamy, and romantic.
Some of the best older sogs had very major chord progressions and really sad lyrics. Somehow it all evens out, creating this perfect picture of life...
"Because life is not always sunny, it’s not always dark—it’s somewhere in between.”

A Lot Like Love

Don’t you think that Love more like a box of expensive chocolate?

We have to work hard to earn money and buy one, if you have enough, you are fine. And once you get too much, you’ll feel nausea about it.

Work hard equivalents to put some effort in love, buy one is finding the love and the getting too much part, don’t Queen once said that too much will kill you?

Well, that’s only in my point of view, you decide what’s your opinion. :D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunny Day at Sunday

How's your Sunday, everyone? Hope it is as good as mine. :D
I am not going anywhere this Sunday but I enjoy this Sunday with lying around, watching TV, playing around in the Internet, cooking with my mom and do some random photoshoot! Yes, I would like to show you the results of my immediate-random-photoshoot. But please, don't expect too much. I'm not a photographer, I'm interested in that field but I don't have any further plan to dig deeper in that field. But since today is special (read: I don't have anything to do) so, I want to do a photoshoot. Location? My house, because I don't have any mood to going out today so I'll just use everything I have in my house like; my mom's stuffs, my brothers and my brother as an additional model. So, I already warn you, do not put your hope too high. But, I wish you enjoy and please leave a comment, I really want to know your thoughts about my today's post. Thank you and may you enjoy. :D

Piggy -Chicken- Bank

As you can see, those are piggy bank (celengan) in Chicken's shape. My mom bought those for my brothers years ago and I just found it, yeay! It's already rare, so I took a picture of it. And as you can guess, there is no money inside it, hahaha...


My mom and dad is a big fan of 'using sandal in the house' so... they introduced us (me and my brothers) to slipper! Well, in this case, a Doraemon slipper and hotel's slipper. The Doraemon is mine, my mom bought it for me when I really like Doraemon, which is years ago. -_-
My brothers like to use hotel's slipper... outside! There were time when my brother went to malls using that one and my mom always furious about it but he kept talking that hotel's slipper is the most comfy footwear. Yea, right. But, we don't use it anymore, I found those in our storage room. So, as you can see, the condition already... bad.

My Bro's Sneakers

Actually, I don't know why I post this picture (my bro's shoes). The point is, I want to post a shoes picture but my shoes are in Depok (my dorm) and the only thing that left is my bro's. So, I took them. However, I always want to have shoes like that, the long one! Because most of my shoes look so petite. -_-


My mom's brooches and my necklace. I don't use jewelleries, because I used to lose it all so I'd better not use it, hehe.

Lil' Garden

My house is not too big, that's why we don't have a big garden, but my mom insists to have a garden, that's why you'll find lots of pots in my home.


These are made by me and my mom. The first one is, Mie Goreng Seafood made by mom and me (a little) and the second one is Udang Goreng Tepung made by me! If you don't know yet, I'm not that bad at cooking. I love to cook, but sometimes I just don't have time or... I'm just too lazy, hehe. One of my specialty is Udang Goreng Tepung, Nasi Goreng Campur Aduk (I usually put everything inside it, ;p) and Mie Goreng Jawa.


Three people in my family use glasses (My dad, mom and myself), that's why you'll find a lot of glasses scattered around in this house, especially my dad's glasses. My dad has a lot of glasses, it's in his bag, in his office and in the house. He puts glasses everywhere so he won't worry if he forgets to bring one, weird I know. The boy whom use glasses above is my brother, he doesn't use glasses actually, but I forced him to do it, ;p. Please don't mind the face (I know, I am much more cuter than him) and the hair (he is still in high school so the hair is very old fashion).

My Brother

I have two brother. The first one is in the 2nd grade of senior high school and the second one is just got in Senior High School. This photo is the picture of my 1st brother because my 2nd brother is out (basketball training, jamming or something). Please don't mind the outfit, he just woke up and I forced him to be my model, haha. Next time I'm going to photoshoot my 2nd brother.

Behind the photoshoot

Yes, this is me and my brother. We fight a lot -a lot,a lot and A LOT!!!- but when we are in a good mood we can be a real good friend and sibling of course. By the way sorry for the lazy face and the outfit, we're just in the mood for lying around today, so we don't dress up. :p

Woaaa what a long post today. I guess it's time to say good bye (for now). So, see you in the next round. And once again, Happy Sunday! :D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Random ..... (ke berapa ya?)

I'm in the mood of posting something today, sorry for leaving you in such a long time, bloggie. :p

1. Ada yang nanya di formspring gue (no name) tentang maksud lagu The Cardigans - Communication yang pernah gue post di blog ini. Well, here is your answer (kalo mau translate utuhnya mungkin bisa minta tolong om 'Google Translator', hehe) :

Intinya adalah seseorang yang mencintai seseorang dan berusaha untuk 'menyambungkan' perasaannya ke orang itu. Dia mengibaratakan usaha untuk menyampaikan perasaanya sebagai 'komunikasi' karena sebagaimanapun usahanya untuk connect atau 'nyambung' sama orang itu, selalu aja gagal, karena pada dasarnya si orang itu nggak merasakan hal yang sama dan selalu 'disconnect' dari komunikasi mereka. Yes, he gives her no chance to connect. One of a way to say unrequited love, cinta tak terbalas, bertepuk sebelah tangan. Well, you name it.

2. I'm in love with Animation Movies!!!!

Yap, akhir-akhir ini lagi banyak film animasi yang bagus kayak Toys Story 3 dan Despicable Me! I watched those and I'm in love. Pokoknya semua temen gue yang nonton film animasi sama gue selalu merespon sama yaitu, gue lebay kalo nonton film animasi. Hahahaha... Well, we all kids inside, right? Here is some pictures of my favorite animation movies:

Toys Story 3

Despicable Me

The Simpsons

Hey Arnold!

and many more....

Enough for today. Have a nice saturday night, people! :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving On

If you ever thought that breaking someone's heart is easy and not that painful, you got it all wrong.
Because for me, whether it is a broken heart or breaking someone's heart is just the same. Sucks.
It took a long consideration, think and rethink. And absolutely not easy.
Take a look to those painful eyes and saying good bye is as worse as telling someone his death sentence.
And the worst part is, when you finally realized that everything you say will only make things worse. But you can't shut up.
I made a decision. If you think this is because I trapped in my past, you got it all wrong. I believe I moved on. But sometimes, there are things that can't be forced. That's why I made this decision.
A friend of mine said this to me;
"Chay mah ga tahan sendirian."
Well, I guess she's right. I can't stand being alone because loneliness is killing me. But I can see clearly now that life isn't all about having a boyfriend and having all my friends is enough to brighten up my day. So, I try to take it slow this time, I'll live for the moment and stop thinking too far ahead. Now, I can face the world and say, I am happy now. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


if i remain silent, it doesn't mean i feel fine.
whether i don't ask, it doesn't mean i do not care.
maybe i'm scared about you or maybe it's just about me.